Venice, Florida Newborn Photographer

Hello Venice, Florida!

Did you know that I am your town's newest newborn photographer? I am also a maternity, child and family photographer, but I really have a heart for capturing those newborn little babies. I am so excited to have a home studio here to host all of the new mamas and their brand new babies!

Newborn pictures are probably considered a luxury item to many -- and I get it -- it's an investment. However, as a mama who does not have these beautiful pictures of my babies all curly and sweet , I really encourage you to think about making that investment in your family. These little ones change daily. As they say, the days are long but the years are fast and there really is not a more true statement, which is why encourage everyone to try to budget for newborn photos. Things like curly little toes, long eye lashes, beautiful little milk bumps, chubby cheeks and that soft, swirl of hair on top of their precious heads (gosh, I love a new baby!) need to be documented so you can look back and remember those details once the sleepless nights have long passed. Let's face it -- you think you will remember, but honestly I can't remember what I did yesterday, so thank goodness for my camera! ;)

Take this bundle of sweetness, for example. She was baby girl #3 for this family, but I am sure that mama was so happy she was picked for our little mentoring session with Nicole Everson (check out another baby from that session here). Who would not want these sweet newborn pictures in these pretty flowers? It wasn't even spring, but don't these flowers just make you want to rush things a little so spring will get here?

Check out some of these images from our session, and if you know anyone who needs a newborn photographer in and around Venice, tell them to get in touch with me! :)

Venice, Florida Newborn Photographer

Venice, Florida Newborn Photographer

Venice, Florida Newborn Baby Girl

Baby in Field of Flowers, Venice, Florida

Baby Girl in Field of Flowers, Venice, Florida

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